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What is a Virtual Assistant?

(vur-choo-uh l  uhsis-tuh nt)

A Virtual Assistant (known as VA, or Virtual Office Assistant) is a home-based freelancer working for small businesses, and support busy executives: providing professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance.  A Client has the luxury avoiding logistical problems of extra office space, equipment or supplies. The cost effective benefits of this new service boosted the demand for VA’s from 5,000 to over 25,000 worldwide!


Our Virtual Assistants will take the workload off
so your business can grow to incredible lengths.

Tell us exactly what you need and we will do it!

Save your business time, money and resources with our Virtual Assistant services!

Our Many Virtual Assistant Services

Does your business involve receiving orders over the phone, or email? We can filter and pass them along to their proper channels.
Need someone to handle all of your incoming calls? We will answer the phone for you! We will have a dedicated line that you can forward your calls to so a representative can assist.
Does your business require clients making reservations? We will take care of that!
Need to find out information on new clients? We can handle the task of asking your questions for you.
Appointments have to be organized and scheduled properly. Your updates will arrive by your desired timeframes.
Have your appointments confirmed by phone or e-mail.
Let us handle the incoming questions about your products and/or services. Just provide us with the detailed information.
Have to travel for business/pleasure? We can either book with a travel agent of your choice, use online booking methods, or set you up with a travel agent service we use!

Need to book a conference room for live seminars? Let us do the research to find the perfect place. Have one in mind? We’ll set up the reservations for you!

Let us do the typing of any documents you need! All documents will be spell/grammar/proof read by human and program before we send the finished product to you.
You will always have important meetings to attend. We will remove the burden it takes for you to get yourself prepared: Directions to get there, setting up meal reservations, inviting those to attend.
We know leads are the seeds of your business. When you need to following up on those leads, we will take care of that time consuming task for you!
Need to get a gift for your spouse? Send out holiday gifts to clients? Great! Just give us the list and leave the online shopping to us, or we can provide you with the product links.
Whether you need a Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal, or just an hour a day or even a week, we are willing to handle all receptionist duties remotely!  With a special program we encourage you to download on a specific computer, we can even do data entry remotely right on that computer!
Have a need for a service we did not mention or need to combine a few of our services? Contact us today for a free quote!

We are excited you are considering us as your solution with our Virtual Assistant service!

Now all you need to do is hit the big green button, fill out a form or just call us! 905.401.4300. We are looking forward to meeting you!
We are ready when you are!