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What is a Responsive Website Design?

(ri-spon-siv  web-sahyt dih-zahyn)

A responsive website is the perfect solution to allow your website look great on every device that is used to browse the internet.  Typically there are three device types that designers focus on: Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops/Desktops.  A special code that was invented called Bootstrap which is the most popular, helps website developers maintain a perfect scaffolding to accommodate all three device types. Great for static content sites like biographys, portfolio, business pages, pretty much anything that does not require a lot of content management. If content management is required,  a WordPress site design is recommended.


The perfect solution for static sites,
or for those who just hate WordPress.

Our many different Responsive Layouts

Singular Sensation!

One Page Landing page

Get all your information in front of your customer in sections as they scroll down the page. It’s straight to the point. Society’s attention span on the internet today is extremely low, a one-page site layout that is perfect for 1 product / service / niche / portfolio, solves that issue!


Two-somes or More-somes

Multi-Page Website Design

Looking for that type of website that needs to provide more information than just a particular category? Then a Multiple page responsive website is exactly what you will need.  Often times the best approach is to get your users excited about your main product/idea on your main page, further detail given in the subpages.


Custom built responsive website design

Have your site built the way you want it!

There’s nothing wrong with being original!

If a standard template just won’t offer what you’re looking for,  let’s customize!  The process is pretty straight-forward: We find out everything your site has to offer (content, functions, ads, pictures, forms, etc.)  and we do what is called “Wire framing”.  You can compare this to an architect’s blue print. After you have approved, the next stage is designing a full scale layout mock-up in Photoshop. This stage will set the heights/widths and placement using graphics and text. The Developer phase is next as the approved mock-up is sliced and diced and put into web code and  debugged. 3-2-1….. Launch!


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